January 6, 2021

Welcome to another Witchy Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. In last week’s article, we discussed types of magick. With different types of magick come different tools. All spells and rituals require something, but to get started, this is what you’ll need:


  • A Grimoire/ Book of Shadows-

This a witch’s most sacred, prized possession. Everything we’ve learned about, every spell we’ve ever done, is documented in this book. It is so sacred that most witches will charm their grimoires to hex anyone who reads it without permission. Even my grimoire is hexed to those who ignore the warnings.


  • Athame- 

This sounds freakier than it actually is. An athame is commonly described as a ceremonial blade. This blade is used to cut herbs, cast circles, reseal doors, banish negativity, consecrate objects, etc. As with a grimoire, it is frowned upon to touch another’s athame without permission.


  • Altar- 

This is the witch’s workspace. It’s where we keep all of our tools and pray/worship the Gods and Goddess (if that’s something the witch wants to do), cast spells, and say chants or prayers. The altar is where symbolic pieces are placed and used. For example: every altar must have representation of the elements. Witches utilize Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. To represent Earth, you might use crystals or flowers. To represent Air, you might use incense or feathers. For Fire, you might use candles. For Water, you might use seashells or a chalice to hold your water. 


  • Wand- 

The wand is used to summon the directions, which are also associated with the elements. Earth is North, Air is East, Fire is South, Water is West. The wand is used to invoke deities. It is sometimes also used to cast circles or draw symbols in the air (not every witch has a wand).


  • Candles-

When doing spells or incantations, it is common practice to have candles burning in the background to help ward off negative energies. Plus, different candle colors do/mean different things. They also smell nice.


  • Incense-

Incense represent the air element and can be used to cleanse yourself and your space. Different scents of incense do/mean different things as well.


  • Chalice-

Chalices hold the water on your altar most of them time., but they can also be used for rituals and contain moonwater, wine, tea, etc. A lot of witches use their chalice to cleanse/charge crystals.


  • Crystals-

This topic is a big one, and it deserves its own article, which we’ll get into later. I’d like to include it in here since almost every witch uses crystals in their daily practice. Crystals are used all over the place in witchcraft, from divination to healing to being a simple ingredient. Each stone has different abilities and mean different things. 


  • Broom (besoms)-

Witches do not fly on brooms. I truly have no idea where this stereotype came from, but it doesn’t happen. Brooms in real witchcraft are usually handmade, and it is just used to clean your workspace, whether it be bad energy or dust. Brooms can also be used to cast and close circles.


  • Cauldrons-

This is not a crucial tool for the average witch, but it does come in handy from time to time. For example: cauldrons are most commonly used for fire spells. If I need something to burn all the way to ash, a cauldron is the safest place to do it. 


I know some of this information can be overwhelming, but topics will gradually be covered over time. In this article, I talked about “casting and closing circles” a lot. For next week’s article, I will explain what this means. Be sure to tune in and DM the @siren_lppacs Instagram for requests.


Blessed be!

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