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November 3, 2020

Hey guys, welcome back to another Meg’s Playlist. Today, I’m reviewing Seaway’s new album, Big Vibe. Songs included on the album are Mrs. David, Big Vibe, and Sick Puppy. Let’s get into it! 


Big Vibe is their third full length album of their career. Seaway is a Canadian band that is best known for their rock music and their Canadian music videos that show off where they are from. They also play a lot of pop-punk, emo, and alternative rock. 


What are my thoughts on the album? 


I wasn’t a fan of Seaway until my boyfriend introduced me to them when we started dating. For me being a new fan of them, I love this album so much. They reinvented themselves as a band and as musicians. The album has a touch of hard rock with some soft songs with it.  


When I first heard the album, I loved how they made the album sweet and short. I don’t like super long albums because sometimes, if the album is boring… I have a lot more songs to go. This was different from that. Each song had a story, had a unique rhythm, and had lyrics that described the story of the song better than the beats. The album altogether had 11 songs and was 36 minutes long. It was super short, but the 36 minute long album gave them enough time for them to tell 11 different stories. I was super impressed with them because recently, one of their lead singers and guitarist left the band. This was their first album without him and I think they did awesome! 


They did exactly what fans were expecting out of them. I’m proud of their hard work on the album and I appreciate the 60s rock vibe to the songs. I really hope you guys listen to this album because it isn’t like other bands that I’ve listened to. They do their own thing when it comes to music. 


Well, that’s all I have today for you. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you listen to it too! Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.


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