Ice Nine Kills: A Review of the Silver Scream

Meg's Playlist: Halloween Edition!

October 27, 2020

Welcome back to another, Meg’s Playlist. Happy spooky season! I have a special scary treat for you guys. I’ll be reviewing Ice Nine Kills, The Silver Scream album. I’ve been super excited to review this album because it’s definitely a great Halloween treat to listen to while spending your Halloween in doors this year. The album includes songs like The American Nightmare, Thank god it’s Friday, and my personal favorite, IT is the end. The album is an hour long with 19 different songs that are based on horror classics like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Saw, and Nightmare on Elm street


 Ice Nine Kills is an American metalcore band that is from Boston, Massachusetts. They are well known for their theatrical performances, theatrical music, and horror filled lyrics. They dropped The Silver Scream on October 5th of 2018 and it has been their most successful album with horror fans (including myself), who have been pleased with their use of taking horror films and making them into music. The Silver Scream has every Halloween movie you can think of. Not only do they have the classics, but they also have Edward Scissorhands, Jaws, and IT.


Now, what are my thoughts on the album? 


I love the album! I don’t listen to any of Ice Nine Kills other music, but this album was one of my first albums from them that I’ve listened to. I love how they took horror movies and made musically involved songs about how the monsters feel or how the people feel in the movie. For example, Enjoy your slay is about the cult classic The Shining by Stephen King. They talked about how the main character, Jack, was slowly becoming a homicidal maniac who was going insane while staying at a hotel with his family. They used different sounds and beats to make you feel like you were in the movie. They used that with all their songs that they had and it’s honestly perfect. 

I love this album and I know this type of music isn’t for everyone and I know a lot of you won’t like the album whatsoever, but if you want to at least listen to a scary album that will get you into the Halloween spirit… give it a chance! I give the album a 10 out of 10 and I appreciate the theatrical depth that they put into the album and each song. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the album and I hope you give it a spooky review yourself! Comment below what your favorite song was off the album. That’s it for this spooky edition of Meg’s Playlist. I hope you give it a listen and let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s playlist.

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