May 3, 2022

Reminders of Him is Colleen Hoover’s most recent novel that came out on January 18, 2022. It follows Kenna and Ledger. Kenna has just gotten out of prison for (accidental) killing of her boyfriend, Scotty. It was a car accident, and she is looking for her daughter Diem. She was pregnant with her in prison, and when she gave birth she was taken away and wasn’t able to hold her at all. She’s been in prison for five years and hasn’t seen her daughter once.

She knows who her daughter is with, but when she finds where they are she has to go through a bunch of obstacles to get to her. She struggles with getting a job and getting a good pay and has no one to talk to. She tells everyone her name is Nicole so no one knows it’s her.

She gets close with Scotty’s friend Ledger, at first she didn’t know it was him. When she found out it was him she got close with him to get close to Diem, not expecting to fall in love with him. This story pulls at your heart strings and makes you really feel for Kenna and her want to be a mother to Diem and not being able to and being withheld from her daughter. 

Ledger tells Kenna a lot about Diem, shows her photos and videos of her and sneaks around to see her. Eventually they get caught and it starts a big fight with Scotty’s parents who are taking care of Diem. I definitely recommend this story and would love to hear your opinions and who you think Diem would be better off with. In my opinion, Kenna is and will always be Diem’s mother, and yes, she was in prison but she came out showing she could be a mother to Diem. I rate this story a five out of five stars.

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