January 4, 2021

Sometimes help with your mental health can be pricey and hard to come by depending on your situation. I wanted to take some time to speak about foundations and charities that offer resources, and that are currently taking donations.


I wanted to start off with something that some people may already be familiar with: the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


AFSP works on education about mood disorders and mental health; offers programs for suicide survivors or people who have lost a loved one to it; have an interactive, confidential screening program; and many more positive resources.


Mental Health America is another great resource. They offer a lot of local resources, considering they are nationwide but community-based, so they have affiliations all over the United States.


Among the resources that they offer are screening tests for symptoms concerning mental illness, mental health education, ways to get involved and become an advocate, and many more.


Perhaps you are looking for an organization that offers a faith based approach, and to that I would suggest the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


NAMI works on de-stigmatizing mental health, and isn’t entirely centered around religious faith, for those of you who might not have the same associated religion.


Just as MHA, NAMI also offers mental health educational resources. Their website is linked here.


There are plenty more foundations and charities that offer resources regarding mental health; however, this isn’t a one-size fits all scenario, so I recommend finding an organization that fits what you are personally looking for if you did not find it here on this list.


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Grace Anderson is a tenth grade writing and publishing major going on her fourth year at Lincoln Park. Hailing from Moon Township, Grace enjoys going on hikes with her dog and taking in the scenery, indulging in baking and gardening on the side. 
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