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December 8, 2020

Earth and health? How can those two concepts combine themselves?


Center for Coalfield Justice makes this picture quite clear: “Pennsylvania is the third-largest greenhouse gas polluting state and has the fifth dirtiest power plant sector in the nation.” 

Dominik Dancs

Being healthy requires being able to breathe – obviously. So, how do we fix this looming problem?


The Energy Innovation Carbon Dividend Act is here to save us from a smog attack!


EICDEA is a national…system that would place a predictable, steadily-rising price on carbon and other greenhouse gases, with all fees collected minus administrative costs being returned to households as a monthly energy dividend. In just 20 years, studies show, such a system could reduce carbon emissions to 50 percent of 1990’s  levels while adding $2.1 million jobs above baseline to the American economy.” Said Todd Medema, a Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer via email. 


See? Simple and easy! You don’t even need to understand the economy to know you would be receiving money. But, besides a check, who does this bill really benefit?


Well it benefits people…[it’s] an incentive to encourage you to pick things [at the end of the day] that cost less that have a lower cost of pollution attached…[as a result] more US jobs/US workers are going to be protected.”  Ray Roberts, Citizens Climate Lobby Co-Coordinator for Pennsylvania said. 


A lot of times when people look at future laws like this, they perpetuate the narrative, ‘I am a blue collar worker! You environmentalists need to stop taking my job!’ Wrong. We are simply transitioning from using  products like coal and taxing companies that buy, or mine for these minerals, and furthermore, frackers/miners will be transitioned into learning the trades of clean energy careers instead of the carbon polluting field.


By supporting this bill, you are promoting the first step to climate success! As well as helping everyone; including those living in poverty.


Hermes Rivera




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    HeidiDec 22, 2020 at 10:46 am

    I enjoyed this article and I liked that you included facts on PA.